Garden Enhancements

Why stop at making just your interior space beautiful and inviting? Let me bring the sparkle to your outdoor space by creating a warm and tranquil area that you can use as a “retreat”. With our busy lives many of us need a space to escape to where we can unwind and just enjoy the sounds of nature. Or maybe you’re looking for ways to reduce the amount of garden maintenance with plantings that are evergreen and drought tolerant that have year round interest. Some of us have taken that leap, ripped out our lawns and have created grassless properties in favour of conserving water and saving more time. Let me share all the possibilities for creating a new oasis for you!

Interior Redesign

Are you tired of your home’s lack of style and embarrassed to invite people over? Or maybe it’s that project you started but never finished? Let me take the worry out of your day by showing you how I can create a truly beautiful and functional space using what you already own. Your home should reflect you and your lifestyle so I create your new space using what things you already love. I can also help you purchase a certain piece of furniture and/or an accessory that will finish off your new space.

Home Staging

Are you losing sleep thinking about selling your home because of all the unfinished projects and its ho hum interior? Take the worry out of selling your home by hiring “Fresh Home Redesign” to help get your property on the market and get top dollar for it. I take the stress out of moving by creating a warm and inviting space that buyers will imagine themselves in!  Call me about arranging a free 30-minute consultation.

Colour Consultation

Have you put off painting that family room because you can’t make a decision on what colour to use? I’ll work with you to select a colour palette that complements your lifestyle. Knowing how to pick the right paint colours for your home will ensure you obtain a cohesive look throughout the entire home.

Interior Styling 

Interior styling is the art of “dressing” a room so that it looks as good as it possibly can while still being functional and expressing your taste. It’s the lipstick for your room. I’ll help you put all the furniture and accessory pieces together in your space so that you’ll never want to leave it!

Space Planning

Not sure how to lay out the furniture in your family room? Are you interested in how to incorporate a new office space in your home? These are just a few areas where the right space planning can create the most functional space. I’ll help you with the layout options that best fit your lifestyle.

Furniture Upcycling

Do you dream about redesigning your home with new furniture but can’t afford to buy it? Maybe you can’t bring yourself to let go of Aunt Thelma’s old table and chairs. Why not give it a new lease on life by transforming it into something wonderful. With a little bit of creativity you won’t even recognize it!